How to Enroll

Open Enrollment for the 2018–2019 School Year—Apply Now!

The deadline to apply for next school year is fast approaching! Open Enrollment for the upcoming 2018–2019 school year closes at 4:00 PM, Monday, April 30, 2018.

If you're considering Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin for the upcoming school year, please submit an Open Enrollment application before the deadline to ensure your student(s) is eligible to enroll. Submitting an Open Enrollment application does not commit you to enrolling your child for the fall; rather, it simply provides you with option to enroll at a later date.

Steps to Enroll

Step 1: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Open Enrollment Process

Complete the online Open Enrollment application prior to 4 PM on April 30, 2018.

  • This step must be completed for any family residing outside of McFarland School District. Students who currently reside in McFarland School District do NOT need to submit the DPI Open Enrollment application and should contact the McFarland School District for further information.

When asked to indicate the school and/or NONRESIDENT school district to which you are applying, please enter "Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin High School" and "McFarland School District" in the appropriate fields.

Please note that submitting a Wisconsin DPI Open Enrollment application (Step 1) does not automatically enroll your student in Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin. If your DPI Open Enrollment application is approved, you must then complete the K12 online enrollment process on the parent portal (Step 2) to officially be enrolled.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • June 8, 2018: Destinations Career Academy will mail you a letter by this date indicating whether your application has been approved.
  • June 29, 2018:  If your Open Enrollment application is approved, an Intent to Attend form will be included in your acceptance letter. This form must be completed and returned by June 29, 2018.

Step 2: K12 Online Parent Portal

Once your Open Enrollment application is approved, you will need to complete the online enrollment process on the Parent Portal. The link and instructions to enroll will be included in your acceptance letter.